Horse Transport Insurance (truck insurance, van, assistance, transported goods)

Truck, Van, Assistance, Goods Transported Animals and Saddlery

Insure your vehicle is good, with its contents it is better!

Vehicle insurance:



The highway code requires that you be insured at least for damage caused to third parties in the event of an accident.

Any vehicle equal to or greater than 3.5 T (PTAC) is considered to be heavy goods vehicles.

To insure your vehicle, you should take into account the value of the converted vehicle (and not the value of the bare body).

Tell your insurer whether the transport of equines is carried out for private or professional purposes.

In the event of a coupling (truck + van), your trailer must be declared in RC circulation on the towing vehicle.



Any trailer over 750 kg must be declared in RC circulation on the contract of the towing vehicle.

The van can be covered by an “all risks” contract (theft, fire, damage, all accidents).

The towing guarantee is only acquired if you take out an "all risks" contract.

In the event of claims, compensation will be made on the value of the trailer declared in the contract.

For vehicles over 3.5 T, towing / lifting is only provided in the event of an accident and not in the event of a breakdown.

Please note: during transport in a truck or in a van, your horses are only insured if you take out a transported goods contract.

Transport of Equines: details of guarantees, limits and deductibles

Garanties Plafond Franchise
ÉQUIDÉS Garanties mortalité tous risques Capital assuré : à déterminer maxi 10000 € par équidé sans franchise
Frais d'enlèvement, Équarissage10% du capital assuré
Frais médicaux de 1ere urgence1500 € par équidé
Inaptitude de l'équidé suite à sinistre85 % de la valeur assurée (à dire d'expert)
Frais d'engagement à une compétition officielle1500 € par sinistre
VÉHICULE Garantie sellerie tous risques, vol 15% du capital assuré (mini de 1500 € et maxi de 5000 €) sans franchise
suite à une panne,
un accident,
du vandalisme
ou à un incendie
Frais de dépannage, remorquage 300 € TTC (-3,5 T)
1200 € TTC (+ de 3,5T)
sans franchise kilométrique
sans limite d'âge
Frais d'hébergement des passagers60 € TTC par personne et par nuitmaximum 3 personnes
Véhicule de remplacement120 € TTC (- de 3,5T)
450 € TTC (+ de 3,5T)
90 € TTC (van)
maximum 2 jours
Frais de transport des équidés150 € par cheval
Frais d'hébergement des équidés31 € TTC par cheval et par jourmaximum 2 jours

“All risks” guarantee: covers all damage (mortality, injuries) caused to equines, including theft, during transport (loading and unloading included).

The guarantee is acquired FOR ALL CAUSES, whether or not it is the result of a road accident

"Characterized events" guarantee: covers damage (mortality, injuries) caused to equines, when they are the consequence of the events listed below:

  • Road accidents (collision with vehicle or stationary body)
  • Fire, explosion or lightning strike affecting the vehicle
  • Fall of the vehicle, loss of control
  • Natural disasters (flood, storm, etc.)

Options: Interior fittings, Sulky & Horse-drawn carriages: € 7,500 per vehicle.

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