Lessor Insurance


Owner-lessor insurance, also known as non-occupant owner insurance (PNO), is a product designed specifically for owners of rental property.

This insurance complements

  • condominium insurance which does not cover lack of installation maintenance, construction defects and non-compliance of electrical and gas installations, unoccupied premises, theft and vandalism.
  • the insurance of the tenant, who even if he has the legal obligation to take out civil liability coverage, sometimes fails to comply.

Lessor Owner insurance therefore covers cases where the premises are unoccupied, where the tenant has a lack of insurance or if the tenant's liability is not engaged in a disaster, because it is your responsibility. the responsibility.

Lessor Owner Insurance: what guarantees?

Homeowner insurance protects you against:

  • Theft and vandalism
  • Defects in electricity and gas networks
  • Damage to your own movable property if the rented accommodation falls into the "furnished" category
  • The consequences of poor maintenance on the part of the tenant
  • Claims related to fire, flood or explosion
  • Damage linked to the environment, that is to say linked to a natural disaster, frost or wind ...

The Landlord Lessor insurance premium is tax deductible from the “property income” section including, among other things, the rent paid by your tenant.

This varies depending on:

  • The area of the rented property
  • Its category (furnished or not)
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