Corporate Civil Liability Insurance


Be advised and assisted upon the occurrence of an event calling into question your responsibility, benefit from an efficient and reactive coordination of the parties involved in the complaint, be informed of the key stages and defended in your interests while preserving your image and your relationships commercial.

Quel contrat d’assurance choisir pour vos véhicules professionnels ?

The field of Civil Liability is wide. It concerns all companies, whatever their activities, their dimensions and their geographical locations.

We know how to support you on "classic" civil liability products and on specialized products, at the cutting edge of innovation:

  • Responsibilities related to the operation of your business
  • Responsibilities due to the products or services you market
  • Professional risks related to your intellectual services
  • Responsibilities of managers
  • Risks of damage to the environment
  • Litigation related to social management
  • Risk of losses resulting from accidental and / or criminal contamination
  • Protection of environmental liabilities / environmental guarantees


Quel contrat d’assurance choisir pour vos véhicules professionnels ?

The responsibility of your company is also engaged throughout the life of a product and in the event of a recall, the consequences for your reputation and your profitability can be dramatic.

The risks of product recalls are steadily increasing due to the increased tendency to use food components or ingredients from parts of the world lacking strong regulatory oversight.

In terms of product liability, globalization and the consolidation of sectors are leading to an increasing number of claims, which sometimes extend to several countries. In addition, the merger of companies and technologies increases exposure to risk, making it more difficult for manufacturers, distributors and suppliers to ensure they have product liability insurance in place.


To deal with this risk, there is a wide range of insurance policies that can be traded on a stand-alone basis. They range from insurance against the risks of product contamination, the recall of a pharmaceutical product, automobile, etc., to special coverage for restaurant chains, consumer goods, packaging companies and guarantees offered with the products.

For a decade, product safety has been widely promoted in the media and the potential impact of a product recall can be substantial. It can indeed lead to significant market share losses, damage your brand and your company's reputation, incur significant legal fees, not to mention repackaging and recovery costs.


European legal requirements and the lack of precise analyses on the main operational risks of your business can also affect your product portfolio.

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