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The construction industry is booming, but tangible risks can put your bottom line at risk. Marsh's insurance experts provide risk management services tailored to your every need

Millions of working days are lost every year in the construction industry due to accidents. In addition, the risk of contractual failure is a constant and potentially costly worry. These are just two examples of the many risks that can, at any time, increase the costs of your business and disrupt your projects.

Are you sure that your company has full control over its risk exposure?


Safe construction projects do not exist, but potential threats to buildings and infrastructure can be minimized with an appropriate risk management strategy. QUARTZ helps you assess your risks and opportunities and find ways to use your working capital more effectively. We can assist you in developing a risk management program to reduce uncertainties and meet your specific needs.

Thanks to a sharp expertise in the construction sector, QUARTZ is able to design risk management strategies and profitable solutions optimized for your business. We ask about the best markets to get the best structure and the best price for your insurance programs.

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