Complementary health insurance & foresight fund for your COMPANY

The advantages of the collective health and foresight contract for your company

Since 2016, the subscription by an employer of a collective health contract for the benefit of its employees has become mandatory.

Beyond this legal obligation, setting up a collective health and personal protection contract has many advantages for the employer as well as for its employees.


Employers, the collective health contract is an asset for you:

  • if the contract is particularly advantageous and truly adapted to the needs of employees, it will be easier for you to retain and motivate your teams.
  • a good collective health and welfare contract is also an argument when recruiting.
  • subscribing to quality collective coverage improves or consolidates the good social image of your company.
  • your company benefits from an exemption from social contributions and tax advantages.
  • finally, taking out a collective health contract for your employees avoids exposing you to penalties for failure to meet your obligations.

For your employees, the collective health and foresight policy only has advantages. And they are many:

  • part of the complementary health contribution (at least 50%) is paid by the company.
  • the pooling of risks (i.g. negotiation for all employees, not individually) lowers contributions.
  • the pooling of risks also allows the employer to negotiate guarantees much higher than the minimums imposed by law or by various collective agreements.
  • reimbursement levels are generally higher for essential health expenses (hospitalization, consultation with a specialist, dental care, optics, etc.).
  • special costs (in the event of death or disability, for example) are better covered.
  • additional benefits are often offered (support for alternative medicine, etc.).
  • most of the time, the guarantees can be extended to the employee's spouse and children.
  • your employees can benefit from a tax deduction, under certain conditions.

Finally, from a societal point of view, the compulsory company mutual health insurance has improved health coverage for the French by giving access to complementary health insurance to all employees.

The collective contract is therefore a winning operation for all.

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