Sports organizations and event organizers face a set of risks that increase in complexity over time.

Quel contrat d’assurance choisir pour vos véhicules professionnels ?

While insurance solutions remain essential and sometimes mandatory, it remains important to identify risks in order to try to control them, quantify them, and deal with them, the aim being to reduce the total cost of risk, and to transfer a healthy risk to the insurer, thus reducing insurance premiums.

We classify risks into four types:

  • So-called natural risks
  • Financial risks
  • Strategic risks
  • Operational risks

Our areas of intervention:

  • Cancellation insurance
  • Insurance of technical industries in the sector
  • Event insurance (shows of all kinds: theatre, concerts, exhibitions, conferences, sporting events)
  • Insurance of television and film productions
  • Advertising films, audio-visual programs
  • Cinema insurance
Quel contrat d’assurance choisir pour vos véhicules professionnels ?

A single loss, natural or man-made, can have financial and operational consequences ranging from a simple third-party liability claim to the loss of image and reputation of your organization.

A specific offer, for specific professions:

The world of audio-visual meets very specific insurance requirements.

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