Know how to protect your activity according to your specificities.

Quel contrat d’assurance choisir pour vos véhicules professionnels ?
Our extensive experience allows us to intervene in many sectors of activity, such as:
  • technologies and biotechnologies
  • energies
  • chemistry, industry
  • the distribution
  • real estate
  • logistic
  • metallurgy
  • the hotel and catering industry
  • the tertiary sector
  • agro-food
  • agriculture
  • equestrian centers ...

Your production tools and your results are precious assets: we know how to help you protect them.

  • Advice, underwriting and management: the DAMAGES department of QUARTZ Assurances creates added value. With this comprehensive approach, you can forecast the costs of managing physical risk and have a management program that meets your unique needs, while maximizing your protection and reducing the total cost of risk.

  • We are a constant source of proposals in the search for optimized solutions and our advisory role involves in particular a risk analysis, assembly engineering, knowledge of your environments and assistance. We work with you to analyse your risk exposure, then to customize coverage that allows you to limit your risks or transfer them to third parties.

Industrial and professional premises

  • The manufacturing industry is a constantly changing fluid world in which technological advancements create new opportunities, which come with complex and growing new risks.

  • The growing role of technology in the manufacturing process is translating into a change in market dynamics: indeed, IT risks are on the rise. The manufacturing industry is exposed to increasingly complex IT and information security risks, which can lead to significant economic losses and damage the reputation of companies.
Quel contrat d’assurance choisir pour vos véhicules professionnels ?
  • Business disruption is often the worst-case scenario that a business can undergo, or when it encounters material risks such as IT breaches through the disruption of the supply chain, or deficiencies: companies must have a vision going beyond insurance to find growth levers in the management of their risk. So, it's worthwhile to start there and consider the full spectrum of your risks, from natural disasters and fires, to supply chain disruption and risk of deficiencies.

  • Our expertise in the risks associated with traditional or high-tech manufacturing sectors allows you to control the commercial issues of your business and guide you to help you avoid and manage risks.

QUARTZ Insurance helps you reduce your total cost of risk and thus protect your balance sheet, strengthen your business stability and increase your profits

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