Unemployment insurance for Executives & Corporate Officers

Quel contrat d’assurance choisir pour vos véhicules professionnels ?

Job loss insurance:

To do business today without worrying about tomorrow.

Anticipating risks is at the heart of the role of the business leader. Unlike employees, managers are rarely covered by Pôle Emploi and losing their situation can have considerable consequences for them.

They therefore have every interest in checking their situation with regard to Pôle Emploi and protecting their income by taking out voluntary insurance.

Job loss insurance provides compensation proportional to income prior to

  • executive directors,
  • self-employed workers,
  • individual entrepreneurs,
  • business creators / buyers in the event of involuntary loss of employment.

Who is job loss insurance for?

Quel contrat d’assurance choisir pour vos véhicules professionnels ?

To the executive corporate officer assimilated employee

In SA: job loss insurance is addressed to the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Chief Executive Officer, Deputy Chief Executive Officer (director or non-director), Member of the management board.

In SAS: loss of employment insurance is addressed to the President, the manager designated in the articles of association.

In SARLs: job loss insurance is addressed to the minority or egalitarian Manager, and corporate officer, not holding a share in the company, mandated to exercise the functions of Management of the company.

In SASUs: job loss insurance is addressed to the Chairman of SASU.

Quel contrat d’assurance choisir pour vos véhicules professionnels ?

To the non-salaried manager

In LLCs: job loss insurance is addressed to the majority Manager or Associate Manager of EURL.

In other legal forms of business: loss of employment insurance is intended for the business owner in his own name, craftsman (registered only in the Trades Directory), trader, manager of SNC, Limited Partnership ...

Are you covered in the event of job loss?

You are an individual entrepreneur registered with the Social Security for Independents: you are never covered by Pôle emploi. Job loss insurance allows you to maintain your income in the event of a job loss.

You are considered an employee: it is recommended that company directors who combine a corporate office with an employment contract ask Pôle emploi about their situation with regard to unemployment insurance.

Job loss insurance covers involuntary job loss

Job loss insurance covers the business manager in all cases of involuntary job loss, following:

Events concerning the executive director:

  • Dismissal of the executive corporate officer.
  • Non-renewal of the mandate pronounced against the executive corporate officer.

Events affecting the company by court order:

  • Legal restructuring of the company.
  • Judicial liquidation.
  • Judgment stopping a plan of disposal.

Events affecting the company by amicable decision under economic constraint:

  • Early dissolution.
  • Assignment.
  • Merger absorption.
  • Deep restructuring.

The state of unemployment is recognized in the event of legal loss of the corporate office or the status of company manager.

"Job loss insurance guarantees dismissal even when the corporate officer holds more than 10% of the share capital. "

"To benefit from unemployment benefit you do not have to be in a situation of suspension of payments (bankruptcy filing). The cessation of activity of the company, or its sale, decided amicably by the partners or by the sole individual entrepreneur, following the economic difficulties of the company, may give entitlement to unemployment benefits."

Job loss insurance - the conditions of membership

  • Be a business owner regardless of your status: craftsman, merchant, individual entrepreneur or executive corporate officer who is an employee and whose income is not subject to Pôle emploi contributions.
  • Be registered in the Trade and Companies Register - RCS - or in the Trades Directory for craftsmen
  • Not be able to claim before at least 5 years, from the date of affiliation, the payment of the basic social security pension at full rate
  • Not hold a 2nd or 3rd category disability pension under a basic compulsory social security scheme
  • Receive professional income excluding dividends (except for the business creator / buyer formula)
  • Not to be in a situation of economic and financial difficulties at the time of affiliation, that is to say:
  •     not be the subject of a safeguard procedure, a receivership, a continuation plan or not be in a state of insolvency.
  •     If at the time of affiliation, the company experiences one of the following situations: debtor retained earnings or last financial year loss and / or operating loss greater     than 50% of the share capital or negative net book position, it is imperative to attach for preliminary study the last 2 balance sheets and profit and loss accounts of     the company, as well as the reports of the auditors (the last 2 simplified balance sheets for craftsmen not registered with the RCS).
  • Be a member of a professional or regional employers' organization.

*** Business creators and buyers may however be eligible for job loss insurance without being a member of an employers' organization. This condition must be fulfilled as soon as the latter change their formula.

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