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Auto amicable report:

How to complete an amicable report?

It is imperative to know how to fill out an amicable report so as not to fall into stupid traps that could prevent you from being compensated by your insurance, or worse, which could make you look at fault when you are not ...

You can download an amicable report here.

Tutorial for completing an auto report

  1. First, carefully fill in your details and those of the person with whom you had the accident. Remember to write down the license plate number of the other driver as well as the insurance number of both parties.
  2. Describe the reality of the accident in its precise circumstances and do not attempt to conceal or alter any elements of the accident. Insurance companies have experts who will be able to confirm or deny your version, and insurance fraud has extremely serious consequences.
  3. All-important notes must be on the front of the amicable report because the back of the latter has no contradictory value and therefore cannot be invoked when going to court.
  4. Fill in the report with a ballpoint pen and especially not with a pencil.
  5. Indicate whether or not you were injured during the shock. Declare yourself injured even if your injury appears slight.
  6. Note absolutely the number of boxes checked.
  7. Draw the accident sketch with the greatest care, noting all the information that could be useful (Warning sign, street names, witnesses, precise position of vehicles, etc.)
  8. Take a good look at your vehicle to make a note of any claims that have occurred following the accident on the diagram provided for this purpose. This will be useful for obtaining reimbursement from your insurer, once the liability of the parties has been determined, and depending on the auto insurance contract you have taken out.


In the event of disagreement with the person completing the accident report, do not sign the amicable report, but express your disagreement in the "Observations" section.

Additional tip:

Take photos of the accident as this can support your case in the event of a dispute. This is also directly provided for in the electronic report application.


To download the amicable report of your choice in PDF format, click on the corresponding image below:

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