Water Damage


Water damage report

Did you just have water damage? You must at all costs complete a water damage report to obtain compensation for the loss as quickly as possible from your insurance.

History of the water damage report

The amicable report of water damage was created in 1978 and was set up by the Plenary Commission for Property and Liability Insurance (CPABR) which depends on the FFSA.

It speeds up the processing and compensation time on the part of your insurer since through this form, you can clearly and legibly explain the nature of the damage as well as its origin.

What information is requested on a report of water damage?

The amicable report of water damage will ask you to provide the following:

  • Place of loss
  • Circumstances of the incident
  • Cause (s) of the incident
  • Damage suffered
  • Contact details of the people affected by the incident and their insurance.

Who should you give the amicable report of water damage?

The report of water damage must be submitted to your insurance, to the insurance of the opposing party (s) as well as to the owner of the accommodation or to the property manager.

To download the amicable report of your choice in PDF format, click on the corresponding image below:

Water Damage Report

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