Riders' Insurance (complementary health insurance, accidents, etc.)



The professional rider can exercise his activity as an employee or as a self-employed person

Depending on the option, the social obligations are different.


You are employees of an agricultural structure, or annex to agriculture:

You are covered by the MSA for both accident and illness for part of your treatment costs. The additional costs of care are covered by the mutual health insurance set up by your employer. The collective agreement for "equestrian center staff" provides for minimum guarantees.

You can benefit from salary maintenance for a period of 2 to 6 months depending on your seniority. After this monthly payment period, you will benefit from 50% of your salary paid by the MSA. Depending on your status: executives or non-executives, an additional salary may be paid by a provident contract.

A new agreement was signed between the social partners at the level of the National Collective Agreement "Staff of Equestrian Centers" which obliges companies to put in place a provident contract with a death guarantee and an education pension.

We can offer you the setting up of health and provident insurance coverage that meets the obligations of the CCN Personnel of Equestrian Centers.

You are independent:

Except in special cases, you must be registered with the MSA or AMEXA. You join the scheme for farmers whose benefits have been set by the state since 01/16/2002 (OJ No. 40) updated to 01/01/2017.

Two compulsory plans: AMEXA and AAEXA


The shortcomings of the compulsory farm operator regime:

The purpose of this compensation scheme is to guarantee you a basic personal income in the event of illness or personal accident. It is not intended to ensure the economic continuity of the farm or business.

SOLUTION: setting up a supplementary provident fund

The coverage of this risk, which varies greatly depending on the activity, must be covered by additional PREVOYANCE insurance, configured according to the size of your farm, the level of your financial commitments, the number of people in your household, their situations ...

The purpose of the PREVOYANCE insurance contract is to define with you the additional guarantees to the compulsory scheme necessary for daily allowances, invalidity, death and professional expenses.


We offer tailor-made insurance contracts for professional riders

  • Tailor-made in terms of guarantees
  • Tailor-made in terms of exclusions

(Insurance contracts often exclude high-risk sports and / or practiced professionally).

These contracts are addressed to:

  • to horse breeders
  • to horse trainers
  • to horse club operators
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