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Insuring your home is a necessity.

Do you want to change your insurance?

Law n ° 2014-344 of March 17, 2014 Hamon allows, since January 1, 2015, to terminate or have terminated by your General Agent or Broker with the signing of a termination mandate all tacitly renewable automobile insurance contracts, Motorcycle, Home and so-called complementary affinity of a good or a service, covering natural persons outside their professional activities, at any time and after a period from one year from the first subscription.

House insurance formulas

  • Standard Offer: suitable for all profiles, tenant and owner with protections for movable and immovable property, assistance service and options to complete your level of protection.
  • Active. This home insurance is fully customizable and designed to adapt to your lifestyle: starting a life together, redesigning the design of your apartment or house, protecting your home when you go on vacation ...
  • Family. As its name suggests, this home insurance is dedicated to your family and their needs, including the protection of loved ones living in your home. Gan also includes home assistance and the protection of your second home with a set of appropriate guarantees.
  • Senior: protect your primary and secondary residence.
  • Family lessor. This home insurance is ideal for securing your real estate assets.
  • Senior lessor. This contract allows you to insure your rental property and guarantee you an income for your retirement.

The guarantees included in the house insurance plans


Fire and similar events

Explosion, implosion, direct fall of lightning and accidental release of smoke.

The guarantee also insures you in the event of impact of an identified land vehicle and the fall of all or part of an air or space device or an object falling from space.

Broken glass

You are covered for isolated breakage of glazing and similar glass products which are part of your home for a long time.

The Comfort formula has the following additional elements: accidental breakage of the glass parts of the furniture, glass furniture, mirrors fixed or placed on the wall, aquariums, awnings, insert, oven or ceramic or induction hobs.

Theft and attempted theft

Your movable property is compensated following a disappearance, destruction or deterioration caused by a break-in of your home or its outbuildings, a clandestine entry, the use of a false qualification to enter your home or violence on yourself or a person living in your household.

The guarantee can only come into play on proof of a complaint filed with the police.


You benefit from coverage for direct material damage intentionally caused to:

  • your property during vandalism, riots,
  • popular movements or acts of sabotage,
  • gatherings or gatherings.
Water damage

The Comfort formula also includes:

  • the cost of water lost following a leak inside your home and which resulted in overconsumption within the limit of € 1,000
  • the action of freezing on the internal hydraulic pipes
  • clogging and backflow of sewers and underground pipes

The water damage guarantee includes:

  • water leaks, ruptures, overflows of non-underground interior pipes, of your water or heating devices, of your gutters and gutters
  • accidental infiltration of rain, snow and hail through your roof, terrace or glazed sky
  • infiltration by gaskets around your sanitary installations and through tiles
  • searches for leaks and water infiltrations carried out by a professional or in your buried water supply pipes located between the Water Service meter and your home and which results from a leak or rupture

Climatic events
Your accommodation and your movable property are insured in the event of a storm, impact of a body thrown or knocked down by the wind of the storm:

  • hail on your roofs, facades, shutters and gutters
  • the weight of snow or ice accumulated on your roofs, of an avalanche.

The guarantee only works when these phenomena are of such an intensity that they produce damage, break or damage several homes within a municipality or neighbouring municipalities.

In the event of a storm, it is only taken into account if its winds are at a speed greater than 100 km / hour according to the data collected by the nearest weather station.

Natural disasters
You are covered for:

  • direct material damage resulting from the abnormal intensity of a natural agent as well as for the (justified) costs of demolition, clearing, pumping and disinfection
  • the costs of geotechnical studies concerning the restoration of your habitat
  • rehousing costs, loss of use and rent.

It is only brought into play by intermenstrual decree which notes the state of natural disaster.

    Civil Liability Insurance for Private Life
    The guarantee covers the financial consequences of physical, material and immaterial damage that you could cause to a third party in your everyday life. It also extends to:

    • your children continuing their studies in France for their school and extracurricular activities,
    • your home employee (s) in the exercise of their function (s),
    • things that you own (unhitched tiller, bicycle, lawn mower),
    • your home and everything around (garden, terrace, driveway),
    • your domestic animals (dogs, cats, birds, rabbits and small rodents), your cattle, sheep and goats (2 animals maximum, all species combined)
    • and your trailers weighing less than 750 kg if they are not hitched to a motor vehicle.
    • Finally, the practice of occasional babysitting by an insured child is also included.

    *** The Comfort package also includes damage caused by your children studying abroad, during an internship.

    Technological disasters

    The operation of this guarantee is modeled on that of natural disasters, which is called upon to intervene as soon as an interministerial order is taken to note the state of natural disaster after floods or a cyclone for example.

    Thus, since the law of July 30, 2003, any individual subscribing to a home or automobile damage insurance contract has an extension covering damage resulting from a technological disaster. The property damage contract is subject to a fixed contribution intended to supply a compensation fund for technological accidents.

    A technological disaster is defined as an accident occurring:

    • either in a classified installation, that is to say subject to declaration or authorization as well as so-called “Seveso” sites (site presenting a major industrial risk due to the hazardous materials it uses),
    • either in an underground storage of hazardous products,
    • has also occurred during the transport of dangerous goods.

    This accident must also have caused damage to a large number of real estate.

    Good to know: this definition excludes any accident resulting from atomic risk.

    Thus, a disaster like that of Fukushima in Japan cannot be assimilated to a technological disaster for two reasons: firstly because it is the result of a natural event (tsunami) but above all because it is linked to the atomic risk.

    On the other hand: an oil spill, the explosion of a truck or a wagon transporting dangerous products, or that of a factory like AZF would concern the state of technological disaster referred to in article L.128-1 of Insurance Code.

    Operation of the guarantee and settlement of claims

    With regard to the risks associated with residential premises, only damage to the house or apartment taken as the main residential premises is covered, to the exclusion of any other construction assigned to an outbuilding use (garage, shed, garden sheds, barn, etc.).

    The legal guarantee also covers movable property contained in the insured residential premises.

    Attacks and acts of terrorism
    You have coverage for direct material damage and decontamination costs resulting from these acts.

    Electrical damage
    for accidental damage caused by:

    • your electrical devices (electrical and electronic devices, office equipment and accessories, electric gates and shutters),
    • your electrical pipes and which are the result of a fall of lightning or the action of electricity. (optional in basic formula)

    All real estate risks
    This warranty is valid only for owners. It takes into account the damage resulting from other accidents or events, such as the fall of a tree and objects, impact with a land vehicle, etc.

    The other three additional guarantees

    Resort insurance:

    For stays of less than three months, you have civil liability and protection in the event of accidental damage to the furniture or theft of the furniture.

    Contents of freezers and refrigerators:

    It is only valid with the Comfort formula and allows you to benefit from compensation for your foodstuffs lost during an event included in your home insurance contract. The amount is a maximum of € 500, upon presentation of a purchase invoice (sales receipt, for example).

    Room rental:

    The request is made by phone only and you will receive a response by email. This guarantee includes the pecuniary support following a fire or water damage as well as your civil liability for bodily, material and immaterial damage that you could cause.

    The optional guarantees of the formulas

    Up to eight optional benefits allow you to improve the level of your house insurance protection.

    You can, first of all, opt for the New Replacement guarantee which allows compensation without dilapidation applied to your movable property of less than five years; your household appliances, electrical, IT and audio-visual goods less than five years old with a unit value greater than 150 €. The repair is prioritized and if it is not possible, a replacement by a new good having the same characteristics is carried out.

    The warranty excludes the following items: linen, clothing, personal effects, tools.

    The Comfort formula compensates you for your goods without age limit.

    Other guarantees that you can add to your house insurance:

    Renewable energies

    You are covered for material damage caused to the following outdoor installations: solar panels (photovoltaic included), wind turbines measuring less than 12 meters in height, geothermal or aerothermal installations, heat pumps, Canadian, Provençal or climatic wells. Financial losses due to non-resale of excess electricity due to a guaranteed event are also included for the period of non-use of your renewable energy equipment until its repair, within the limit of two months and one total of 500 €.

    The Assistance to persons guarantees with which you have benefits following an accidental and unforeseeable bodily injury, due to illness, accident, death, travel beyond 50 km from your home.

    As such, you benefit from assistance in the following cases:

    • You are sick or injured while traveling
    • You have an accident on a ski slope
    • You are hospitalized for more than 10 days while traveling
    • A beneficiary dies while you are traveling
    • Your trip is interrupted following the hospitalization or death of a loved one
    • You need a cash advance abroad
    An important guarantee:
    Legal Protection
    The insurer intervenes here to provide you with advice, assistance and cover your legal costs insofar as the case is defensible according to the legal rules in force.
    Guaranteed disputes:
    • The consumption
    • The habitat
    • Administration (except tax administration)
    Garden and landscaping

    A suitable option for houses or dwellings with an extension.

    The warranty covers damage to the following equipment: garden furniture, trees and shrubs, gates and fences, fixed barbecues anchored in the ground, wells, basins, fountains and water collectors, walls, terraces, non-integral stairs to the ground. home, pergolas, gazebos anchored to the ground, garden shelters anchored to the ground, porticoes and play installations fixed to the ground.

    You also have a Pool Guarantee including the following elements:

    • Real estate structures
    • Fixed ladders
    • Elements useful for pumping and purifying water, pump, booster, filter, water treatment device and electrolysis included
    • Technical room buried or built in hard less than 5m²
    • Tarpaulins, curtains and protective covers (except in the event of theft or vandalism)
    • Barriers and alarms
    • Heating and lighting installations

    Finally, this guarantee also includes Civil Liability Insurance for ride-on mowers and micro tractors of less than 20 HP and not intended for driving on public roads.

    Finally, the last optional cover concerns the Civil Liability Insurance Extensions.

    So, you can subscribe to this option

    • if you are a maternal assistant in order to be protected in the course of your work
    • if you own non-profit saddle animals (horses, donkeys, ponies)
    • or if you wish to be insured for an undeveloped land with a maximum surface area of 3 hectares.
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