Insurance against life's accidents

At home, in your free time, at school ... An everyday accident can happen quickly.

Is an Insurance against life's accidents useful?

Today when an accident in everyday life occurs, you are not always well protected. This is why you often hear about GAV (Guarantee of the Accidents of Life) which is nothing other than an insurance guaranteeing you compensation in the event of permanent incapacity or death.


This non-compulsory insurance is a Provident contract allowing you to insure you in the event of an everyday accident, even without a responsible third party. It intervenes for the protection of people and not property.

The usefulness or not of a Insurance against life's accidents in a few figures

1 in 5 people is one day the victim of a life accident. However, as this insurance is not compulsory and the French are poorly informed on the subject, only 1/3 of the French population is protected if this type of accident occurs.


However, life accidents represent, in France, each year:

  • 11 million accidents
  • 21,000 related deaths
  • 3rd cause of death
  • 6 times more deaths than road accidents

The populations most at risk are children and the elderly:

  • People under 15 are the population at risk n ° 1. Leading cause of death in children aged 1 to 4.
  • 1/3 of people over 65 are victims of it every year. Falls are the leading cause of death for people over 65.

These accidents most often occur in environments that are known to us:

  • 47% of accidents happen at home
  • 45% of accidents happen at school or during a hobby

It is nevertheless necessary to be vigilant on the age limit for the subscription of such a contract. This is often around 65 years old.

But how can subscribing to an Insurance against life's accidents be useful to you?

The Insurance against life's accidents offers protection to you, as the insured, and to your loved ones, which can prove useful in the event of an accident of daily life that may occur at your home, during your leisure time or even in the street.

Most of the time, these accidents have few consequences. But sometimes, they can leave debilitating sequelae with heavy consequences on everyday life and / or family life.

For example, in the event of hospitalization following an accident, social security and complementary health insurance cover medical and hospitalization costs. However, you will still have to pay for any complications that may arise afterwards.

It is therefore at this time that the Accident of Life Guarantee shows its usefulness and complements the other insurance policies you already have.

A useful reinforcement, not a duplicate

This insurance does not therefore come in duplicate but rather in addition to a Multirisques Home insurance (MRH). In fact, home insurance covers damage caused to a third party (under civil liability) but not those suffered by the insured or his relatives.

Thus, when an accident happens in your daily life, the Life Accident Guarantee covers you from 5 to 10% Permanent Disability (depending on the insurance), and pays you significant compensation (at least 1 million d euros for most contracts), which allows you to deal with unforeseen costs that may result from an accident (accommodation or vehicle fitting for example).

The question of the usefulness or the non-usefulness of the Life Accident Guarantee no longer needs to be demonstrated. Taking out this type of insurance can really protect you and your loved ones from the financial consequences - but not only - of the consequences of an accident.

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